helper package

Helper modules.

This module exports two variables, ALGORITHMS and DATASETS, and two functions graph() and load(). See each document for more information.


helper.algorithms module

Check which algorithms are installed.

This module exports a constant variable, ALGORITHMS, The ALGORITHMS is a dictionary mapping an installed algorithm name to a constructor of the review graph implementing the algorithm.

You can get a set of installed algorithms names by ALGORITHMS.keys(), and create a review graph by ALGORITHMS["name"](params).

helper.algorithms.ALGORITHMS = {'mra': <function _>, 'one': <function _>, 'onesum': <function _>, 'ria': <function ria_graph>}

Dictionary of installed algorithms.

Keys are the names of the installed algorithms, and the associated value is the graph creation function of that dataset.

helper.algorithms.graph(method, method_param)[source]

Create a review graph.

  • method – name of the method to be run.
  • method_param – list of strings representing key-value pairs.

Graph object.


Returns a wrapped function which ignore given arguments.

helper.datasets module

Check which datasets are installed.

This module exports a constant variable, DATASETS, The DATASETS is a dictionary of which a key is the name of a dataset installed, and of which the associated value is the loading function of the dataset.

You can get a set of installed dataset names by DATASETS.keys(), and load a dataset by DATASETS["name"](graph).

helper.datasets.DATASETS = {'file': <function load>}

Dictionary of installed datasets.

Keys are the names of the installed datasets, and the associated values are load function of that dataset.


Decorator to ignore kwargs.

helper.datasets.load(graph, dataset, dataset_param)[source]

Load a dataset and return a review graph.

  • graph – review graph object which the dataset is loaded to.
  • dataset – name of the dataset to be loaded.
  • dataset_param – list of key-value parameters.

Review graph object, which is as same as the parameter graph.